We are an intentional community of peers who are the leaders and connectors of innovation ecosystems across the country. To these ends, membership in The Startup Champions Network is by referral and invitation only, so we rely on existing members to grow the group.

Ideal members in the Startup Champions Network are black belt ecosystem builders, who hold a long-term and system-wide approach to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in their region or community. All members of The Startup Champions Network are working to build a collaborative and inclusive community and have an attitude of giving without expecting anything in return.

Considering that criteria, we encourage you to refer innovation ecosystem builders that you admire greatly, who are not yet part of the Startup Champions Network. 

We strongly value diversity, so please give extra special consideration to help identify ecosystem builders who are of under represented gender, ethnicity, geography, etc.

The membership committee with consider all nominations submitted and work with you to invite them to a future Summit, so they can test drive membership in the organization! We are aiming for smart growth and value quality over quantity, so we may not be able to invite all nominees at once to the next immediate summit.

Have questions? Email the membership committee at startupchampionsnetwork@gmail.com.

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